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Welcome to Evolution Money
We provide secured loans to homeowners. However we do it differently.

Evolution Money are specialist in offering bespoke affordable secured loans to their customers. Whether the loan is for home improvements or just a personal loan to help out with your current circumstances, Evolution Money could have the secured loan you are looking for.

Our decision to lend isn't based solely on credit checks, or the amount of equity you have in your home. Instead, we focus on you. We take the time to understand your personal circumstances, and discuss your current financial situation to find a personal secured loan for you. Of course, we’ll ask about how you managed your finances in the past, but with us it’s the here and now that really matters. That means a poor credit history won’t automatically disqualify you. It also means that, together, we’ll find a way.

Press releases


Manchester based lender Evolution Money is proud to announce its expansion into new city centre premises. Securing the deal for the coveted... read more

26.06.2015 • By Evolution Money

Evolution Money win second prestigious industry award in 2015

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Evolution Money break down credit scores: What are they and why they...

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Evolution Money is thrilled to be appearing at the Financial Services Expo (FSE) in Glasgow on March 4th. It is the first time the FSE has been... read more

03.03.2015 • By Evolution Money

Evolution Money publish new Infographic all about Valentine’s Day

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30.01.2015 • By Evolution Money

Evolution Money Ltd win prestigious award at the Loan Talk Secured Loan...

Evolution Money Ltd is proud and delighted to announce they have won the prestigious award for Best Adverse Secured Loan Product of the Year... read more

19.01.2015 • By Evolution Money

Evolution Money shortlisted for acclaimed Loan Talk Secured Loans Award...

Evolution Money is proud and delighted to announce they have been shortlisted for four categories in this year's acclaimed 2014 Loan Talk Secured... read more

17.11.2014 • By Evolution Money

Evolution Money publish new Infographic around the Real Cost of a UK...

Evolution Money has gone all out in researching and designing the latest in Christmas themed content, which covers the average cost of Christmas... read more

13.11.2014 • By Evolution Money

Evolution Money now a member of the Finance & Leasing Association

Evolution Money is proud to announce their very recent membership into the Finance and Leasing Association, which marks an important step towards... read more

09.10.2014 • By Evolution Money

New Evolution Money Website Is Simple To Use

Getting a homeowner loan has never been easier thanks to the new easy-to-use Evolution Money website. The re-launched website at... read more

17.07.2014 • By Evolution Money